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May 2017

So lambing was completed in what can only be described as perfect weather, except perfect for so long that it started to look like something less than perfect – drought and no grass! We were lucky I guess in that the post lambing fields were full of grass and so were the “next fields”. After

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August 2016

With the benefits of the fall in the £/€ rate, good grass and reportedly continuing poor arable margins, demand for fat, store and breeding sheep appears to have resulted for us anyway in early strong interest for our shearling ewes. The last went this week, probably 4-6 weeks earlier than last year. We still have

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July 2016

  July 1st 2016   Lambing is now well behind us, having finished in mid April. I was reasonably pleased with a live lambing ratio (post 2 days after lambing) of a shade under 180%. Sheep were brought in very early in early January due to the atrocious wet weather. I was concerned that the

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