Flock Health


Since 2003 we have operated as a closed MV accredited flock. As a result we have significantly reduced labour costs, by largely eliminating foot rot and greatly reducing our worm problems. The current saliva/FEC project referred to above is only one aspect of our overall approach to health and biosecurity.

Selecting Lleyn shearling rams and our female Lleyn shearling replacements with good FEC EBVs is now increasingly possible as this data becomes more robust, and will be of course become an increasingly important consideration. The FEC / saliva research project that we are currently participating in with other members of the PRLG will provide us with an important management tool with likely major implications for the future.  2017 was the first year that Signet are publishing EBVs for worm resistance. As more data is collected each year it is anticipated that this data will become more robust and become an increasingly important component of any ram purchase. We would be delighted to discuss the data we already have on this point, particularly for our stock rams.

The advent of EID and good software has made performance recording both relatively easy and far more efficient than pages of Excel. In 2013 we purchased an electronic weigh-crate with a Tru-Test XR3000 from Border Software. This in conjunction with their FarmIT’s software (that we have now used for a number of years) has been an excellent investment. (http://www.bordersoftware.com).