MV accredited, Signet Recorded, Member of the PRLG group of flocks Derbyshire reared Lleyn & Jacob sheep

Since 2003, Culland Hall Farm has been running a closed MV accredited flock of purebred Lleyn breeding ewes, with a strong focus on maximizing the commercial potential of this breed. Since the beginning, we have used a disciplined performance recording process to help us identify hereditary characteristics and to guide our breeding programme. To this end, in 2014 we also became a founding member of the Performance Recorded Lleyn Group. (see below).

For over 15 years we have conducted a rigorous performance recording regime, focusing on various factors that include Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs), Average Daily Growth Rates (ADGR), health traits etc. The current average Signet Lleyn EBV for the flock is Top Quartile. The goal is to continuously seek to improve the carcass, and the time it takes to get grass finished Lleyn lambs direct to the abattoir at between 18 -22kgs dwt. Our belief is that a tightly focused breeding regime can significantly improve net margins and add real value, both for ourselves, and equally importantly, for purchasers of our future breeding animals.

Our aim is to try and produce through improved animal and grass genetics, an increasingly profitable sheep, whether as a pure bred Lleyn or as a top quality crossing animal. Our performance recording policy not only enables us to target selected shearling replacements, but also to carry out an objective ewe culling regime. Utilising top quality ram genetics is clearly important but we also recognize that this must be done in conjunction with an equally focused approach on female genetics. We believe that this policy is enabling us to significantly improve ewe efficiency and hence profitability.

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