June 2023

We had a little rain last night but this June is looking like a relay of last year. We still have good grass and the lambs are growing well. We will shortly be taking 8 week weights, so will see how the dry weather is impacting milk.

We start shearing this week, initially the hogs and hopefully the following week the ewes. So far no sign of fly strike, but luckily this is an infrequent problem.

I have now updated the list of shearling rams for sale this summer. See the list on Breeding Animals for Sale. There are 5 Top 5% Index, 8 Top 10% and 4 Top 25% EBV rams. We have for a number of years been looking to increase the fat EBV as many people have been observing that the Lleyn had become too lean. They are all have above average proliferacy EBVs. Of particular importance this year, are the number of rams with high Parasite Plus EBVs. This incorporates the Serum IgA that we have been analysing for a number years, and Signet now are confident that they have enough data points to give a good indication of worm resistance or otherwise in each animal. Signet also believe that there is now good evidence that the heritability of worm resistance in Lleyn is remarkably high at around 35%+. There are very few farms doing this work. Another point of interest is the correlation of worm burden to methane output. Again this is high and something I believe governments in due course will tax farmers. This last 6 years research has enabled us to additionally breed for low-methane sheep.

We will also have around 150 well grown shearling ewes for sale this summer along with some older ewes later. Come and have a look before they all get picked over. Remember everything is grass fed from the start, including the rams.