Yearly Archives: 2015

July 2015

July 2015 After an unusually cold May and early June, we eventually got a good first cut of haylage bailed. With grass now getting well ahead of the sheep we will no doubt land up with a surplus, which is where I like to be. During the summer we rigorously graze on a paddock system,

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May 2015

Lambing went well this year with very few problems. As usual about 90% lambed in the first cycle with one or two determined to drag it out to the last day. Our lambing percentage was a little down at about 1.75% (1.84% in 2014), which reflects the scanning numbers, which were also down. A number

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February 2015

So far this winter does not look too bad. Following on from a good grass growing autumn, the ewes are in excellent condition. To protect the spring grass, all ewes were housed mid January, fluked and scanned. I had been anticipating some fertility knock on from the wet weather we have had over the last

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