June 2019

Spring 2019 – June


With lambing now behind us we are able to objectively look at how the winter and early spring have impacted the flock.

Not surprisingly 6 months of generally mild and dry weather resulted in ewes in perhaps too good condition, but for us this did not result in particularly large lambs and therefore difficult lambing. As in past years the ewes are lambed in-side, with free access to haylage, with nuts in the last 2 weeks prior at 1.5lbs for twins. We lambed this year 2 weeks later than normal to avoid clashing with the arrival of our first grandchild, which was very exciting.


I am looking forward to doing the 8 week weights mid June. Interestingly I was expecting some cases of staggers with the early grass, but none. (We do put out liquid molasses with magnesium from day one). I guess that lambs up and down the country will have grown really well. Ours certainly have.


Shearing has started and this year’s shearlings including rams are looking extremely fit. Again, nothing gets any feed during the winter. Is this the result of continuously improving genetics, a mild winter and early spring or a combination? Have a look at the stock rams we have used in 2018.


We will have 12 shearling rams for sale this summer, and about 200 shearlings. See Stock Availabity page for details, and for current EBVs. The tups are particularly well grown (grass fed only!) and range from Top 1%, Top 5%, Top10% and 3 Top25%.  These will be going to Newark for ram inspection June 15th. We will also be gene screening for prolificacy,scrapie and MYOMAX. Come and have a look or give me a call.