May 2017

So lambing was completed in what can only be described as perfect weather, except perfect for so long that it started to look like something less than perfect – drought and no grass! We were lucky I guess in that the post lambing fields were full of grass and so were the “next fields”. After that it was starting to look worrying. Anyway we now have all had rain and we move from famine to feast. Farming! One of the advantages of the dry weather has been very little sign of the usual spring worm problems.


Lambing as I say went more or less without a hitch with some great help from a couple of vet students and someone just starting her DofE.


Once again we brought the ewes in in late January, and with some very good haylage were feeding twins at 1.25 lbs a day during the 15 days prior, and turned out immediately post lambing on to grass (no concentrates post lambing) and then just molasses/magnesium to reduce staggers risk.

Lambs are growing very well as one might expect. What a change to last year’s cold spring and slow lamb growth. I am looking forward to the 8 week weights, as with 2 new rams, one from George Cullimore and the other from Humphrey Mills, it will be interesting to see what impact they are having at this early stage. I would expect to see a more material difference at the 20 week stage, but this first run through the weigh crate is always a tense moment.


The hoggets had a pretty thin time this winter as their grass was very limited. However bringing them through the yard in early May, most still seemed to have grown well. They are due to be sheared this week. I would recommend early viewing to ensure your shearling requirements are filled.


As you know our feeding policy with our shearling rams is likewise grass only, but with access to haylage from January to spring grass. They are also growing well this spring. I will attach details of these rams with their new Signet Lleyn Index EBVs shortly. We will also be getting them Myomax tested, and of course will go to Newark for the Society approval stamp. I will them update all this data.


NB: Signet have made some significant changes to the Lleyn EBV’s and in particular have created a specific Lleyn Index that highlights superior breeding stock. You will also note new EBV’s for worm resistance. See